Technical Capabilities

Technical CapabilitiesAdvanced System Architectures was founded in 1984 with core specialisms in multi-processor and parallel processing computer architectures, the associated system and software engineering competences and the CASE tools needed to exploit such technology. These strong foundations enabled the company to apply cutting-edge techniques and technologies to the most complex of requirements.

Following an unsolicited proposal to the US DoD Strategic Defence Initiative Organisation (SDIO) ASA proceeded to solve the complex problem of simultaneously tracking and fusing information on thousands of ballistic objects. The breadth of this work widened and the Target Oriented Tracking System (TOTS) was developed into a deployable software suite that has been incorporated into a number of systems covering the land, maritime, air and space domains. TOTS technology is at the heart of L3 ASA’s solutions in the Space Situational Awareness and Integrated Air and Missile Defence sectors.

L3 ASA expanded into the area of defence communications. Recognising the ready availability of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) components, ASA devised an architecture to take advantage of these resources while, at the same time, retaining the flexibility required for a wide range of applications. The result is the MultiSwitch family, with which L3 ASA provides solutions to meet the complex demands for interoperation of military and commercial communication and data networks with a short time to market. The engineering processes developed to deliver and support the MultiSwitch products have been applied to numerous defence communications systems for UK MoD and US DoD, together with commercial applications.

Repeat business is a driving force for growth within L3 ASA. In 2001, the company capitalised on a track record of successful delivery and engineering pedigree to work with current customers in a very different business sector. The two projects that established the company’s work in this business sector were the in-flight entertainment interactive browser for Swiss International Airlines and a passenger entertainment system for Heathrow Express. The production of these software and hardware systems enabled the development of a comprehensive capability in the creation of web-based applications. L-3 ASA has gone on to accumulate a portfolio of capabilities within the transport sector; skills that include content management, information and entertainment systems, and intelligent maintenance.

ASA was acquired by L3 in 2006 for its technology and proven performance in providing solutions to complex requirements and was renamed L3 ASA. Subsequently, L3 ASA was selected as the UK Project Management office for SKYSIREN (the Integrated Broadcast Service for UK MoD) and to lead significant intelligence and law enforcement initiatives.  L3 ASA demonstrated yet again the ability to execute on time and to budget in the most demanding of environments and also the company’s ability to deliver larger programmes whilst evolving its core technologies with the Knowledge Base suite of intelligence management applications.

Since the company was founded in 1984, L3 ASA has continued to grow and diversify in the business sectors and technology areas we support. Above all, we continue to stay true to our roots in rigorous systems engineering and development and to focus on the needs of a growing customer base.

The core technology underpinning L3 ASA’s solutions are: