Body Temperature Measurement

Reliable detection of standard tempertaure deviations to protect your workplace and personnel

L3Harris’ Body Temperature Measurement solution facilitates contactless screening for elevated body temperature by use of a thermal camera solution.

By use of a configurable measurement range within the thermal camera, the warmest point in a definable image area is measured. A second integrated camera provides visual identification of those identified with an elevated body temperature.

The determined temperature values as well as the image of the measured person are set to the G-Core software and displayed to an operator in real-time. If the pre-set threshold values for a normal body temperature are exceeded, an alarm and/or notification can be triggered.

Optimal parameterisation of the camera means that measurements are only taken in a defined area – this reduces incorrect measurements.

Body Temperature Measurement is an integrated solution for the pre-screening of body temperature in order to optimise access management processes in environments such as:

– Reception areas
– Welcome desks
– Entrance areas
– Factory gates
– Airport terminals
– Departure platforms
– Event locations

ASA’s complete solution for body temperature measurement via camera image detects the temperature of a person as he or she enters your facility.

Our convenient solution includes a thermal camera and a HD camera as well as a mini PC and is suitable for mobile as well as fixed installations.

The user-friendly software displays the body temperature in the video frame and signals an alert as soon as the pre-set limit is exceeded.

In the current climate, a business’ conduct towards public health, safety and security is fundamental. L3Harris offers a reliable and efficient answer; a body temperature measurement solution to enable decisions to be made with confidence.

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