Biometric Visa Management

Biometric Visa Management

There are unique challenges with biometric systems in law enforcement, national security, immigration and border management and civil identity operational environments. Finding a technology partner who understands these challenges is key to having an effective biometric authentication system.

L3 ASA delivers biometric solutions including a secure biometric enrolment system which captures fingerprints and facial images for use at over 150 visa issuing locations around the world.

L3 ASA’s Biometric Services blend core biometric expertise with full life-cycle management of complex information systems. We offer:

Biometric Systems Integration

Architecture, design, modelling, development and support in high reliability environments.

Biometric Suitability Analysis and Consultancy

Consultancy, strategy, analysis, implementation and testing to evaluate suitability of different biometric modalities and uses in multiple and challenging operational scenarios.

Biometric System Performance Analysis

Technology evaluations including biometric collection, failure to acquire (FTA) and failure to enrol (FTE) analysis, matching algorithms results comparison, system architecture evaluation, matching/biometric quality analysis based on false matches rate (FMR) and false non-match rates (FNMR), and proof of concept/prototyping development of biometric systems.