Call Management & Dispatcher Service

Call Management and Dispatcher ServiceL3 ASA’s Call Management & Dispatcher Service (CMDS) offers a high-availability, resilient communications system. CMDS enables effective management of field support teams by control room staff, where it is essential that connections are made between the right people at the right time. Based on our MultiSwitch technology, these systems can be deployed in a variety of form factors and environments.

The CMDS version of MultiSwitch was initially developed for the utilities sector and has been in continuous service at EDF Energy and Western Power Distribution (WPD) since 2000. CMDS is readily adaptable to a variety of military and commercial field engineering support scenarios.

Control rooms are typically configured in zones which relate to either geographic locations or specialism (for example, the voltage rating of parts of the distribution network of an electricity utility or particular equipment types). CRCS associates operators with identified specialisms and enables direct contact between engineers and operators using a role-based routing method; calls can be prioritised to ensure prompt handling in the case of an emergency. Being integrated with the site communications system, MultiSwitch can use any available means to facilitate contact.

The system has a dual redundant, hot standby architecture for operation and can capitalise on any Disaster Recovery capabilities of the installation network. The clients (control room staff and others) connect to the system via a browser-based GUI, from which they can monitor and participate in call and data traffic. Access can be provided directly from the control room, but also via secure connection, providing for home or remote working.