Defence Communication Gateways

Defence Communication Gateways


Working with a variety of interfaces, MultiSwitch has the characteristics needed to create interoperability gateways for commercial and military applications. For example, by operating in both tactical and strategic roles it provides an interface between a number of existing and planned military and public communication systems.

The MultiSwitch architecture has already been widely deployed in commercial and military environments. Interoperability is a key requirement especially for military communications and MultiSwitch is the cornerstone capability for all the latest UK military communications programmes, most recently FALCON, uniquely providing the necessary Bowman and Digital Strategic Tactical Gateway interfacing functions. A common feature of all of these systems is a need for interoperability with numerous military and commercial protocols, taking into account the diverse associated numbering and addressing schemes.


The MultiSwitch is able to control external devices. A consequence of this is that off-the-shelf resources that cannot normally be included in the MultiSwitch enclosure can nevertheless be used. An example of this is the Crypto Gateway, where actual crypto devices are added to a MultiSwitch and used through their built-in interfaces thus complying with their conditions of use.

The Crypto Gateways support two methods of operation: External secure call to/from a Red enclave subscriber, and External secure call between two different crypto types. These Gateways have been installed as part of a UK MoD programme to allow all of the UK’s main cryptophone types to interoperate, as well as providing a secure audio conferencing facility.

The Crypto Gateways have been subjected to individual assessment according to their specific security targets.