Digital Media Management

Digital Media Managament

The sheer volume and complexity of media data, including images and videos, that international law enforcement have to handle holds a wealth of information, knowledge and clues unreachable before digitization. However reviewing such data manually is almost impossible, leaving important leads going undetected.

Breaking free from both user and technology silos enabling collaboration and sharing of knowledge, is key to turning large quantities of case data into intelligence.

Evidence has traditionally been deciphered by the skill and patience of investigators working the case. But by gaining access to collective knowledge and intelligence, investigators can enrich cases with their accumulated experiences on a national level and work more effectively together, avoiding repetition, ensuring no clue is missed.

L3 ASA’s Digital Media Management System (DMMS) is an intelligence and visual big data platform for collecting, processing, analysing, visualising and managing media data such as images and videos.

By utilizing smart algorithms and raw computational power, the relevant data can be separated from the irrelevant and clues can be found. Faces and objects can be recognised and linked to previous investigations, relationships can be mapped out and details, impossible to the human eyes, can be identified.

DMMS can help and find those clues, connections, relationships and information that once were impossible to unearth. It also enables collaboration and sharing of information across teams, regions and nations.

L3 ASA offer a suite of digital media investigation products that can sit on a secure cloud infrastructure. The service also provides an option for hosting on customer infrastructure if required.

Our products have been used in UK Civil Government, Law Enforcement and Military domains over the past decade.