Drone Guardian


The Drone threat and use of C-UAS (counter unmanned aerial systems) is a rapidly developing and proliferating capability which is growing daily; managing the drone threat is a complex and evolving problem. L3 ASA provides an integrated command control approach based on our TOTS (Target Orientated Tracking System) software which requires taking raw collected data and compiling it into a real – time picture that can be disseminated using mapping and visualisation, data – analytics and creates effective workflow management. TOTS is built on an open architecture that can incorporate information from multiple integrated components and external sources.

L3 ASA has extensive operational experience in the delivery of solutions to detect and defeat airborne threats and the Drone Guardian solution combats these rapidly evolving security risks.

The Drone Guardian solution allows multiple target detection, identification and tracking to mitigate the threat of theses unmanned aerial vehicles, within both the commercial and military environments. Drone Guardian can be distributed to both fixed and deployable installations with an integrated security workflow enabling rapid security response times. It is a cost effective solution designed for purpose which allows early detection of drones with reduced false alarms, the solution reduces manpower, mitigating security risks at a quicker response rate.

Drone Guardian is hardware – agnostic and scalable and the base system sensors can be altered to more appropriate alternatives that can be readily integrated to utilise the best-of-breed components and to suit your specific threat profile.
Drone Guardian operates alongside ‘friendly’ drones and the integration of sub-systems into a layered command and control solution provides many benefits. Ultimately, it is a cost effective solution to mitigating the security threats to which drones pose. The early detection of drones buys you the time to decide the appropriate course of action to defeat or minimize the threat; detect, decide and defeat.

L3 ASA offers complete design, installation and through – life support from a world leading defence and security company, tailoring a solution to meet your specific security needs. The flexible architecture enables future innovations to meet evolving security challenges.

For further information see our Drone Guardian microsite: www.l3-droneguardian.com.

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