Information Management

Information Management

Right Data, Right Place, Right Time, Every Time

By rapidly sorting and funnelling relevant data, Integrated Broadcast Service (IBS) bolsters the warfighters’ ability to execute their mission through shared awareness and intelligence, increased speed of command, and higher tempo and lethality of operations.

The primary mission of IBS is to disseminate to military commanders time-critical information through a single service, affording commanders with an easier means to request and receive essential intelligence, reconnaissance, and surveillance information.

UK IBS provides a data processing and dissemination capability to the MoD and its operational forces.  Using advanced satellite and computer technology it is a communications infrastructure and data-dissemination system designed to support Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force personnel on worldwide operations.  It will also contribute to greater interoperability with coalition forces (e.g. Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA).


Project SKYSIREN (UK IBS) is the delivery and sustainment of the Integrated Broadcast Service (IBS) to all branches of the UK Services (Royal Navy, Royal Marines, British Army and the Royal Air Force) and several Joint Headquarters.  This transformational programme provides warfighters with a critical, near-real-time intelligence capability at multiple security levels. The contract was awarded by the Ministry of Defence Defence Equipment & Support  (DE&S) Intelligence Information Solutions (IIS) delivery team to L3 in November 2007.

UK IBS is provided from a comprehensive US system that has been developed in phases to replace the separate systems used by the air, sea, land and Joint Forces with an IBS. Integration is a key enabler of Network Enabled Capability and greatly increases shared situational awareness, greater lethality and increased survivability, including reducing the risk of fratricide. Project SKYSIREN also provides efficiencies in manpower resources, bandwidth, equipment, security and consistency of data across the Forces.

The processed and prioritised data can be used for tactical critical threat warnings or for more strategic analytical purposes and allows for use of dissemination systems of varying bandwidths.  The UK Concept of Operations (CONOPS) for the system includes the need to display:

  • Friendly Force Tracking
  • Threat Warning
  • Combat Search And Rescue
  • Situational Awareness

Project SKYSIREN provides a fully supported turnkey solution for five design variants of the UK IBS system as well as the development of servers to support the specific UK security aspects.  L3 ASA leads the UK-based delivery team, including:

  • Liaison with the DE&S IIS at Abbey Wood, including complete management of the UK-based Project Management Office;
  • System Engineering providing the reach back to the US-based development team and chief engineer;
  • Technical management of the delivery of 100 independent installations to UK forces;
  • Technical management and provision of Integrated Logistics Support (ILS), including the provision and support of a training school at HMS Collingwood.
  • Technical management of security and safety.

The Project has delivered two advanced Information Management elements that allow a “smart push” of the specific intelligence that operational units and analysts need to prosecute their specific mission or role.  In addition, new radio equipment is being fielded to bring much needed immediate lethal threat and critical threat warnings to deployed, mobile and other users where time-critical intelligence is literally a matter of life or death.  The Project will shortly be providing a transmit capability so that UK assets in-theatre can also contribute their intelligence to allied partners.

Project SKYSIREN has recently achieved its In-Service Date (ISD) ahead of schedule and within budget as described in an article from the May 2011 edition of the DE&S ‘DESider’ magazine.