Integrated Air and Missile Defence

Integrated Air and Missile Defense


L3 ASA is responsible for producing the “Situational Awareness Component” (SAC) for the UK’s Land Environment Air Picture Provision (LEAPP), Counter Rocket Artillery and Mortar (CRAM) and Automated Sense and Warn (AS&W) systems. All these systems produce a Local Air Picture (LAP) or Local Air and Missile picture using TOTS to fuse data from locally-connected sensors and to correlate this with the LAP’s from other system nodes as well as with the Recognised Air Picture (RAP) provided by Link 16.


ASA provided experimental TOTS-based tracking systems for a series of Integrated Air Defence Combat ID exercises in the US to demonstrate the benefits of TOTS’s data fusion approach in maintaining combat ID with data from multiple radars in a complex air and missile target environment.