Intelligence Management Systems

Intelligence Management Systems

Knowledge Base

This core intelligence system lies at the heart of high-quality intelligence provision to UK law enforcement in the fight against significant and damaging criminal activity. It is used to collect, structure and analyse highly sensitive, mission-critical data, and enable its dissemination to a range of agencies in both domestic and international arenas.

Knowledge Base provides a web-based client interfacing to a highly scalable, service-oriented architecture enabling rapid and flexible deployment.

Input of Raw Intelligence and Subsequent Structuring

Analysts use a controlled process for creating structured information from raw intelligence. Capabilities include:

  • Upload of intelligence reports
  • Tagging of entities
  • Searching for tagged entities
  • Linking of tagged entities to intelligence reports
  • Linking between entities with full data provenance and relationships
  • Uploading and linking of supporting documents

Search and Display of Intelligence Information

Users conduct structured (meta-data) and unstructured (content) searches against an intelligence repository.  All information regarding the entity in question and those related to it can be displayed. Capabilities include:

  • Searching based on structured information
  • Guided search capability
  • Saving of complex queries
  • Scoring and categorisation of search results
  • Preview of document contents (unstructured data)
  • Display of core entity profile data (structured data)
  • Interest markers and flags
  • Display of links between entities
  • Searching based on unstructured information within content

Dissemination of Intelligence

Intelligence can be disseminated to other parties such as partner agencies. This allows partial, composite and full dissemination of raw intelligence, as permitted. Capabilities include:

  • Partial dissemination – redacted documents or fragments from a document
  • Composite dissemination – custom dissemination from multiple sources
  • Full document dissemination – document in its native format

Document Management

The underlying enterprise document management system provides conventional content management functionality. Capabilities include:

  • Scalable architecture for consistent system availability
  • Advanced searching, including full-text, search term highlighting, and scoring
  • Checking-in, checking-out and versioning

Security and Records Management

A custom, multi-level security model with extensive audit capability. Capabilities include:

  • Detailed security model allowing varying degrees of access
  • Full audit trail for every user action

Collaborative Target Deconfliction

Registration of flags or markers on entities for referral to other interested internal and external users.  This is used to prevent blue-on-blue incidents where an ongoing operation may be in progress. Capabilities include:

  • Grant markers to users upon request and approval
  • Conduct status checks against marked entities
  • Provide mediation between marker owners and other interested users