Intelligent Maintenance Systems

Intelligent Maintenance Systems

L3 ASA has a strong reputation for the reliability and quality of its software solutions. We do understand that systems contain many components, often provided by multiple companies and therefore it is imperative to look at fault diagnosis.

L3 ASA offers intelligence maintenance solutions where it provides real time capture and reporting of system faults, ensuring faults can be addressed with the minimum disruption. Solutions offered include:

  • Onboard fault logging
    • Manual crew entry
    • Automatic triggers
  • Built in test Applications
    • Determines operational status of both hardware and software
  • Statistical Reporting
    • Reports non/low usage to generate a sequence of alerts which can be sent by email to a designated engineering response team

L3 ASA can, with the customer, determine the prioritisation of faults. If it is deemed that certain faults need to be rectified as a priority, L3 ASA Intelligent Maintenance will use the onboard communications link – Satcom, Wi-Fi, to send an alert to the designated contact.

If the fault is non-critical then a report can be requested from the system or sent to them by email. The engineer will see the results from a range of tests and it will enable the operator to establish the current operational status of the system. This can be used to determine fault ownership thereby aiding timely rectification or indeed to establish that the system is fully functional prior to/after hardware or application upgrade or content management change.