Passenger Information, Entertainment and Communication Systems

Passenger Information, Entertainment and Communication Systems

L3’s pedigree in passenger information, entertainment and communications solutions spans over a decade. The initial move into passenger transportation solutions was due to our proven credibility in software engineering, our knowledge and experience in data and communication systems and the quality and reliability of our total solutions.

Our first solution was to develop a state-of-the-art, browser based application specifically designed for in-flight entertainment which has the following key attributes:

  • Audio and Video on demand
  • Games
  • Live News
  • E-commerce
  • Inflight Communications
    • Email
    • SMS
    • Web access
  • Advertising
  • Passenger Surveys
  • Frequent Flyer Registration
  • Full Statistical Reporting

Deployed on Swiss International Airlines’ A340 fleet on Panasonic 3000i platforms, it has proven to be highly reliable and popular with both cabin staff and passengers.

The advantages of the L3 ASA system include its performance and user friendliness. The generation of pages using text gathered from a database server, rather than using sizeable bitmap images, greatly reduces the application’s size and enables quicker download times, thus improving system performance. An intuitive navigation mechanism was implemented to enable passengers to easily navigate through the system and the system supports a variety of languages. The browser-based pages can be tailored to Airlines’ specific branding requirements and different layouts are implemented to support the range of languages.

  • Passenger Information System for iPhone
  • Passenger Information System for iPhone
  • Passenger Information System for iPhone

Example Passenger Entertainment User Interfaces

The software is structured to have a clear separation of application software from content data. This allows content to be changed without affecting the underlying application – which means quicker and more reliable monthly content.

L3 ASA offers a total solution and full-system support, including:

  • Core Software Development Services
  • Application Development
  • Graphic and Design Services
  • Content Update Services
  • Software Maintenance and Support

L3 ASA provides systems to rail operators, including Heathrow Express and Gatwick Inter Terminal Transit.

Heathrow Express

The Heathrow Express Passenger Information and Entertainment System provides passengers with audio and visual entertainment, information and advertising when travelling to and from Heathrow Airport to Paddington Rail Station.

The onboard presentation is refreshed continuously throughout the journey as programme updates are automatically triggered by the train’s position along the track. for example, announcements when approaching a station.   Additionally, the driver can play a set of pre-defined clips to the passengers or make an announcement via the public address system.  Clips within the programme are played according to the date, time, day of week – each clip and sequence having its own set of validities as defined in the content management system.  Wireless LAN equipment connecting the trains with the programme server allows the programme and news files to be regularly updated, and log files to be collected.

Wireless LAN equipment is installed on the platforms at Heathrow CTA station, at the Heathrow Express depot and on the Heathrow Express trains.  The programme is played from a PC-based media server installed in one of the cars of each 4/5 car set.

A web server-based content manager allows the easy creation and modification of programmes by L3 ASA staff and others.  This automatically feeds the changed programme content and news files to the PMUs via the programme server.

We have a comprehensive range of reports which include advertising, performance and BIT data.

Gatwick Inter-Terminal Transit Station

The Gatwick passenger information and entertainment system provides a multi-media programme to passengers waiting for, or travelling on the Gatwick Inter-Terminal Transit. It incorporates advertising, entertainment and passenger announcements in a continuous presentation, or alternatively displays static sign information.

Displays are provided at the platforms of the Gatwick Inter-Terminal Transit Stations and also within the transit cars.

The multi-media programme consists of programme sequences, automatically triggered by a car’s position along the track via its VATO interface. The platform based displays receive timing information from the transit cars to give a coordinated presentation. This facilitates countdown to arrival and two-part advertising presentations, where the introduction can be played on the platform and the conclusion played on the train.

  • Announcements within a car when approaching a station
  • Announcements at a platform when a car is approaching the station
  • Live PA announcements within the car
  • Onboard Reassurance announcements

The use of the Bombardier wireless LAN allow the programme or individual clips to be updated on the media players and logs to be collected from the media players.The use of the wireless LAN allows the programme or individual clips to be updated on the media players and logs to be collected from the media players.

A web server based content manager running on the system programme server allows the creation and modification of programmes.  The programme server automatically feeds the changed programme content to the media players.

Reports and log files are available via the content manager, to allow analysis of system performance and health monitoring.