Radar Sensor Optimisation

Radar Sensor Optimisation


The interim programme, led by Boeing, was a risk-reduction activity for the main programme for the US Missile Defense Agency.

It was based on similar concepts to the systems installed at the radar sites for the DTE.

It employed TOTS to provide high-accuracy ballistic missile tracking with the potential to support a ballistic missile intercept engagement.


The Space Track Integration Node Global Enhanced Reporting (STINGER) is a joint US/UK initiative to enhance Space Situational Awareness (SSA). STINGER is designed to identify and report objects near or below duty Signal-to-Noise-Ratio (SNR) levels from radar systems. The data processed by STINGER will provide Orbital Space Analysts with additional and more accurate information to enhance SSA on the orbiting earth objects. STINGER uses Commercial-Off-The Shelf (COTS) PC equipment in a stand-alone capacity to process data from the existing radars within the Space Surveillance Network.