Unified Port Management

Unified Port Management

With 90% of the world’s cargo being transported by sea and increased competition from private and public sector operators, ports are experiencing reduced profit margins, more customs legislation, greater fines and a constantly changing border security landscape.

Criminals have become more sophisticated in moving people, goods, firearms and other illegal contraband through our ports. Keeping port property, staff, goods and passengers safe while operating at a pace to keep our port competitive is a challenge for all port operators.

Investment in technology and streamlined processes can give a port a long-term sustainable advantage over others.

Our port applications include:

Physical security systems

We work with leading physical security manufacturers, creating a secure resilient technology platform that automates routine activities and offers operators step by step guidance to manage complex processes.

Unified and automated communications

Our communications integration gives you a system that better serves you, your operators, the maintenance teams and streamlines the overall port operations.

Customs and border screening

Our scanning solutions present operators with a single unified view of your whole cargo operation offering higher throughput, lower cost of ownership and confidence in inspection decisions.

Command and Control

We offer integrated solutions for operation centres, improving user’s performance.

Cyber Security

We not only protect against a breach, we can also isolate an attack from the point of a successful breach.

L3’s solutions have increased contraband seizures, increased throughput and reduced security breaches.