Workflow and Case Management Systems

Workflow and Case Management Systems

International Workflow

This workflow and case management system provides an invaluable tool to UK law enforcement for managing both complex business processes and massive amounts of case data.

It is used to correlate important information across cases and allow the quick, efficient and adaptable implementation of complex investigation workflows.


Case Management

Maintain the day-to-day documentation and correspondence obtained across the investigation lifecycle.

  • Highly customisable case, task and document profiles
  • Store any type of case information, such as email or imagery
  • Link cases together to allow collaborative investigation
  • Provide full provenance and version history for any item associated with a case
  • Allocate cases to specific user communities, such as fraud or narcotics

Workflow Engine

A highly configurable rules engine facilitates the flow of tasks, events and information.  Capabilities include:

  • Dynamically update workflows as business evolves
  • Deadline warning and escalation
  • Automatically progress through complex business processes

Search and Display of Case Repository

Users conduct structured (meta-data) and unstructured (content) searches against the case repository.  Resulting entities or documents can be viewed along with any other associated case contents. Capabilities include:

  • Searching based on structured information
  • Saving of complex queries
  • Scoring and categorisation of search results
  • Preview of document contents (unstructured data)
  • Display of core case and document profile data (structured data)
  • Searching based on unstructured information within content

Document Management

The underlying enterprise document management system provides conventional content management functionality. Capabilities include:

  • Checking-in, checking-out, versioning
  • Scalable architecture for consistent system availability
  • Advanced searching, including full-text, search term highlighting, and scoring

Security and Records Management

A custom, multi-level security model with extensive audit capability. Capabilities include:

  • Detailed security model allowing varying degrees of access
  • Full audit trail for every user action